In my previous blog post we had looked at the user experience, when accessing SaaS applications, both from within and outside the enterprise network. The advantage of building something like this within Citrix is obviously the close integration possibilities with other Citrix products such as Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. Citrix Receiver is a great way to amalgamate the different types of applications, and present the user with a single pane of glass – to access all applications. Here is a video of that user experience.

What’s happening under the covers is that the applications configured on OpenCloud Access are made available to the backend components of XenApp like any app store, so the creation, management and delivery of these applications fits in with how things have been done in the past with XenApp.

The NetScaler running the OpenCloud Access option can act as an SSLVPN gateway, with the Access Gateway enterprise licenses, along with being able to load balance the XenApp/XenDesktop web interfaces, XML services, delivery controllers etc. The additional functionality that gets integrated on the NetScaler in the above deployment model provides a very easy way to provide enhanced scalability, security, monitoring, while providing a compelling way to deliver web and SaaS applications with seamless user sign-on, within the same deployment.

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