Watching the Royal Wedding this morning, I was struck to see Prince Harry sitting by himself in a carriage full of flower girls. He must realize that when his wedding comes, it won’t be as elaborate as Prince William’s, since Harry is, after all, the “spare” (as in the “heir and the spare”).

In my spite of sympathy for the spare Harry, I was enchanted by the joy of the crowds in Britain, the pomp and circumstance, the pageantry, and the stories of the gifts Prince Charles and Diana received. Then, while thinking of the poor spare, I realized that I could give all of you a gift on this joyous day: the gift of redundancy. (And, yes, I know that was the worst “tie-in” ever. )

Last night, I published CTX129309 -- Configuring iSCSI Multipathing Support for XenServer.  This mini-manual focuses on configuring iSCSI multipathing in XenServer 5.6 Feature Pack 1 using XenCenter. We’ve heard that iSCSI multipathing can be a pain point for some customers, so we’re hoping this guide will address some of the common problems. This mini-manual includes answers to the following:

1.       Why is multipathing typically a better choice than NIC bonding? When should I choose NIC bonding instead?

2.       What is the purpose of the mysterious asterisk * option in the XenCenter storage repository wizard (Target IQN)? I wrote this section in response to a forum thread I saw on the subject.

The mini-manual also emphasizes a key point: each NIC (being multipathed) on the host must be on separate subnets and one NIC on each storage controller must be on the same subnet as each NIC. This concept is shown in this drawing: 

We’d really like to know if this document actually helps you. That is, following the directions in it, could you configure multipathing successfully? If not, what could we add that would be make it easier? Please feel free to send me feedback at my Citrix email address -- sarahdotvallieres at citrixdotcom.


Sarah Vallieres – Senior Technical Writer – XenServer
Twitter: @xsresearcher
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