What is this about, you ask? Glad you did. Our innovative NetScaler Web Application Firewall (WAF) Dev team just showed me a demo with Application Firewall (AppFW) AppExpert template so that customers who have Web Interface (WI) for XenApp (XA) and XenDesktop(XD) can easily deploy AppFW in front of WI for up-front security.  We already know that our Dev friends from XA/XD for WI already has built security in the designs, but having layered security is always a good thing to do, right?  Especially when it’s not possible to upgrade to the latest versions.  Even with WI on NS, this extra layer of security is also good.
Now administrators can immediately make changes based on the new vulnerabilities and push blocking policies into the NetScaler without any changes to their apps. 
If you use NS WAF and XA/XD with WI, you should definitely check out the AppFW AppExpert template for WI when it is available for extra security. If you aren’t using the AppFirewall, think about how much more secure you’d be if you did!  Come check out more details at Citrix Synergy as we will be talking about this at SYN 210 session – What’s new in NetScaler MPX and VPX!