Nobody can deny that the cloud is getting more and more exciting and interesting almost daily. With cloud spending projected to grow from $28 billion in 2011 to $258 billion by 2020, it’s not just buzz, there’s real dollars and opportunity out there. We’re seeing the cloud everywhere we go—on TV, the Web, magazines—and of course in own IT and business worlds. Case in point, have a look at the Citrix Summit and Citrix Synergy 2011 agendas. In a past blog, I mentioned that there are over twenty cloud related breakout sessions.

So what’s behind all of this? Is it desktop virtualization and server virtualization? How about SaaS, IaaS or PaaS? Or could it be automation and on-demand workloads? While each of these is really interesting with tons of value, opportunity and merit, alone they are just parts of a solution. It’s not unlike this pile of engine parts. Pistons, crankshafts, cylinder heads—these are all highly sophisticated pieces of machinery, critical to building an engine. But alone—well—they are just a pile of parts. Start assembling them together, and now you get something awesome!

We can apply that same logic to the cloud. When you start integrating and layering cloud related technologies, you can build some amazing engines. Tie together a virtual desktop and hosted apps (on-demand, SaaS, web), build it on a flexible IaaS platform, deliver it from a scalable multi-tenant architecture and bam, you’ve got something really compelling. DaaS – Desktop as a service! Make the desktop available on-demand from any device, anywhere, even better. How about paying for it on-demand as well, with a {subscription based approach|] just like we do for everything from pay as you go cell phone plans to Netflix.

At Citrix Summit 2011, we’ll be spending a lot of time talking about the hosted desktop opportunity and market that awaits you. During SUM114 – Deliver managed hosted desktops as a service (Tuesday May 24 at 10:00 am) we uncover three important things about DaaS. DaaS is BIG, DaaS is REAL and DaaS is NOW! Here you can learn what’s driving the demand for DaaS, what it takes to build the solution and how you get into business and start selling. For a deeper look into the architecture and products behind a hosted DaaS solution, head over to SUM205 – Reference architecture and design principles for large-scale hosting and cloud infrastructures.

Citrix sees tremendous DaaS growth in the cloud hosted market within the Citrix Service Provider Program. Citrix Service Providers take full advantage of the hottest cloud trends and the complete portfolio of Citrix solutions to build scalable, multi-tenant on-demand DaaS solutions. Moreover, cloud hosters can bundle a complete hosted solution around the desktop, by including office productivity and LOB apps as well as data storage, mail and business continuity services. To learn more about the Citrix Service Provider program that’s enabling partners to seize this opportunity, make sure you go to SUM106 – Build a successful, profitable business as a Citrix Service Provider.

So if you haven’t already registered, go get started today and we’ll see you in few weeks.