Following on from my blog post last month discussing the March edition of the FREE XenDesktop monthly technical newsletter I am pleased to announce that the April edition of the newsletter is now available.

Check out the archive page, where you can access both the current and past issues, as well as subscribe to the FREE monthly newsletter.

The April edition of the newsletter is packed with great content, including:

  • Are your user profiles optimal for a great XD experience?
  • XD5 Logon Process and Communication Flow
  • Site capacity: how big is too big?
  • XD Tools Link
  • How to create ICA launch files for high availability mode
  • Printing optimization pack performance report
  • Delivering Microsoft Lync with XD5
  • Video on XD setup tool for PVS 5.6 SP1
  • XenClient – easy and secure OS deployment
  • XD5 SDK Powershell primer series
  • And much more.

If you have any feedback/suggestions please let us know. Also don’t forget to Sign-up now!

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