I have been a Survivor fan since it first aired in year 2000. For those unfamiliar with this reality television show, 18 people are placed in a remote location and are forced to form relationships with complete strangers to survive both the elements and the game itself. Every 3 days the group votes someone off the island, and the last show features 3 remaining contestants – one of whom is voted the winner of $1 million (US dollars) by the people who were previously voted off (FYI – they were voted off by the contestants now fighting for their votes to win the game).

To win, contestants must outwit, outplay and ultimately outlast the others in difficult, stressful conditions. I have determined these are also the keys to Citrix winning the title of ‘sole survivor’ (okay – call it market leader) in virtual desktops. To maintain our position as the Market Leader (and not get voted off the virtualization island) we must consistently outwit VMware and their partners by relaying the strength of our end-to-end solution during sales engagements, outplay them by leveraging our leadership in networking and the cloud to deliver compelling demos and Proof-of-Concept pilot tests (POCs) and outlast them with enterprise-class scalability and unmatched end-user experience.

And don’t forget – we aren’t playing for a mere $1 million; we are playing the virtual desktop game for the lion’s share of $1.7 billion by 2014 according to Gartner: “Market Trends: x86 Virtualization Market Driven By Management and Desktop Needs” (Sept. 2010). To learn more about how to win the game and get your share of the $1.7 billion virtual desktop market come to SUM124: Outwit, Outplay and Outlast VMware by adding performance and security boosts to all XenDesktop users.