Currently users of the Citrix Receiver for iPad will only connect to AG 5.0 in Web Interface Mode. With the 5.0.2 update to Access Gateway, support for accessing XenApp Services sites when authentication is performed at the Web Interface.

Note: Authenticating at Web Interface removes support for two factor authentication with the iPad.

Configure your XenApp services normally, adding your farm information and making sure that the XenApp Services site is configured to give the Gateway address within the Secure Access settings.

Configuration Steps on Access Gateway:

In the Access Gateway Administration create a new logon point for the iPad.

Name the logonpoint as desired – .e.g mobile
Set the type to “Basic”
Check “Authenticate at Web Interface”
In the Web Interface URL point it to your XenApp Services site, including the config.xml in the path e.g.:

On the iPad, configure the URL to the server to connect to the logon point that was created for the iPad users – e.g.:

The iPad should recognize the site as a XenApp Services site and prompt you for your domain credentials normally.