I hope you’re planning to join us at Citrix Summit in San Francisco on May 23-24. By attending, you’ll not only benefit from the tremendous trainings and networking opportunities, but you will also get the full Citrix virtual computing story and better understand how to apply the Citrix vision and technologies to expand your portfolio of offerings and close more sales.

Summit offers over 60 sessions where you will receive invaluable product and tech insight, including Hands-on Learning Labs and TechEdge. It’s an exceptional opportunity to learn direct from the Citrix experts about virtualization,networking, and cloud computing solutions so you can enable your customers to realize the benefits of virtual computing.

This conference already packs incredible value into three days, but when you attend Summit, you also receive complete access to Synergy - another three days of training and certifications worth thousands. It’s the conference that gives you value after value on top of the networking you can have with customers and the extra activities that will sharpen your skills and entertainment that will keep you relaxed throughout this robust, week-long event.

Don’t miss out on Summit, your exclusive training conference where you’ll discover the power of virtual computing and the strategies and trainings that will keep you ahead of the curve and in-the-know.

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