Can you believe it, little more than one month until Citrix Summit and Synergy 2011? While some folks may still be working on their travel plans, now’s a great time to start planning your agenda for the week. With so many great sessions on tap, it’s a lot to take in. What to do…

Anyone who is doing business in the cloud or just thinking about where the cloud fits into their business or enterprise will be excited to know that there is so much in store for you. Just glancing over the agendas, I counted twenty Summit and Synergy breakout and hand on training sessions that have cloud or cloud related terms in their title. And that’s just a subset of the over fifty sessions in the Datacenter and Cloud track. Holy Cloud!

But the “cloud” is such a big and sometime ambiguous topic. Are we talking about infrastructure, data, apps; the list goes on. Each of the alone, in and of itself is interesting, but when you pull them together it starts getting really compelling and exciting. No greater proof of this in the massive growth of cloud app delivery within the cloud service provider market. At Citrix, we’ve seen the growth of the Citrix Service Provider Program skyrocket over the last year and it’s full steam ahead in 2011. Citrix Service Provider Program, what’s that? Simply put, the Citrix Service Provider Program makes it easy to deliver the power of hosted enterprise applications and desktops to SMBs from the cloud, offering them the services they want in a simple, pay-as-you-go model.

With over 50 million SMBs facing the challenge of keeping their apps and data safely connected to their desktops and devices, the opportunity for cloud service providers is immense. All those SMBs out there want to focus on growing their business, not their IT budget. With the convergence of the cloud, desktop virtualization and SaaS, it’s never been easier to deliver a complete hosted desktop as a service (DaaS).

Sounds pretty compelling. Interested? Great, because you can learn all about it and talk to the business and product experts behind Citrix Cloud App Delivery in San Francisco. To help get you pointed in the right direction, here’s a little cloud app delivery roadmap for Summit and Synergy 2011.

Right out of the gate on Monday morning, get fully acquainted with the Citrix Service Provider Program by not only learning about the program, but more importantly the huge opportunity that’s out there. SUM106 – Build a successful, profitable business as a Citrix Service Provider, Monday May 23 at 11:00 AM.

Later that day, put your technical hat on and learn how cloud service providers go about building scalable, multi-tenant cloud app delivery infrastructures. Here you can learn about the products, best practices and thinking that supports the Citrix Service Provider reference architecture. SUM205 – Reference architecture and design principles for large-scale hosting and cloud infrastructures, Monday May 23 at 12:45 PM and Tuesday May 24 at 2:30 PM.

Come Tuesday, start out with a discussion on what we feel is the most exciting opportunity within Cloud App Delivery – the desktop – more specifically the Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Since the proof is in the pudding, we’ll do more than just talk about DaaS, we’ll see it in action. Bob Bye, Executive Vice President of nGenX Corporation will join the discussion and talk about nGenX’s success with DaaS and the CSP program. SUM114 – Deliver managed hosted desktops as a service, Tuesday May 24 at 10:00 AM.

After taking all this in, you might be asking yourself, how on earth do I manage a solution like this? How would I handle the constant cycle of on-boarding and supporting tens of thousands of subscribers without going broke? The answer is with a “control panel”. The Cortex Cloud Control Panel from Citrix—a recent Citrix technology acquisition—simplifies the time and cost of setting up new tenants, provisions apps with just a few clicks and enables self-service adds-moves-changes. SUM 132 – Desktop virtualization in the cloud: new opportunities and solutions for partners, Tuesday May 24 at 4:30 PM

Staying for Synergy? Are you an enterprise customer trying to figure out how the cloud fits into your IT department? Good news then, because the momentum keeps going all week long.

On Wednesday we’ll explore role service providers can play in an enterprise IT organization. Whether it’s more gracefully (and economically!) handling a seasonal work load (think tax preparation), trialing a new business app or simply avoiding further datacenter expansion, service providers can and do play an increasing vital role in today’s enterprises. SYN316 – Hosting apps and desktops in the cloud: considerations for leveraging service providers, Wednesday May 25 at 4:30 PM and Friday May 27 at 11:00 AM.

Last, but certainly not least it’s time enterprises to see how they can start managing IT like a cloud service provider. Why not bring the power of cloud control to the enterprise? On-board new divisions and employees in minutes, provision apps with just a few clicks and enable IT self-service-with Cortex Cloud Control Panel from Citrix you can save time and money by managing the enterprise just like a cloud service provider. SYN347 – Get your head in the cloud: manage the enterprise like a cloud service provider, Friday May 27 at 10:00 AM.

Wow, that’s a lot of learning and as I said earlier, we’ve just looked at small percentage of the overall events agenda. But Summit and Synergy are about more than just breakout sessions. A few other stops to put on your roadmap are the Solutions Expo and the Partner Transformation Center. The Solutions Expo is bigger and more exciting than ever. Two must see demos at the Citrix booth are the Desktop Virtualization for Service Providers pod and the Cortex Cloud Control Panel from Citrix pod. Here you can see the solutions you have learned about in action and talk to the product experts and engineers that make this all a reality. Over that the Citrix Partner Transformation Center, you can get one-on-one guidance about the Citrix Service Provider program and how to grow or expand your partner business.

Set your schedule, get ready to learn and I’ll see you in San Francisco!