Fancy giving your Desktop Group(s) a bit of a makeover??? – Why not eh! well here are the steps you can use to assign a new Icon to your DGs…

1. Convert the .ICO file you want to use to a Base64 encoded string. This is easy – just use a free online convertor tool:

2. Add the new base64 encoded icon data to the site database which will create a new icon object containing an assigned Uid:

New-BrokerIcon -EncodedIconData “string”

3. Assign new icon to the lucky Desktop group…

Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -name %desktopgroupname% -IconUid %uid%

4. log into WI or your online plug-in to see your new Desktop Group Icon(s)

Note: Still trying to figure out how to display new Icon in Wi 5.4…

Hope you enjoyed this little diversion

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