The Application Delivery Group within the Citrix IT team has a process in place for reviewing applications before they are delivered to our XenApp environments. Any application that is being requested to be added to XenApp is required to complete an application request form to evaluate the application before it is placed in XenApp. Some of the criteria that we use to evaluate the application are:

  1. Number of users that will be using the application

  2. Is the application compatible with Windows Server 2008 on a 64 bit platform?

  3. If the requested application is a website or url, does it require a specific version of Java, activex controls, or security certificates?

These are just a sample of the questions that are asked to evaluate an application. If the application is a viable candidate to be placed on our XenApp farm based on that initial criteria, we will then script the application for automation. The application will then be placed on a QA server to be tested by the team that is requesting the application. Once the application has been tested and approved for delivery, it will then be scheduled for implementation to our production environment.

We’d like to hear from other application delivery teams out there to hear about the processes and procedures that you have in place for getting applications added or updated in your XenApp environments.