Identity Validation

If you need to augment your security with Two-Factor authentication, the AuthenWare™ solution that will amaze you. It is fun to watch, and fun to use. AuthenWare is a leading cybersecurity software vendor based in Miami, Florida. Their innovative technology enables organizations to deliver the highest levels of security to enterprise applications, website, as well as any other form of transaction that engages a user.

AuthenWare for Citrix ensures simple and secure remote access to XenApp-delivered corporate applications while providing strong security and authentication. AuthenWare is a second-factor authentication technology which is very accurate and completely transparent to end-users. The product uniquely identifies the rightful owner of username and password credentials by combining keystroke dynamics with a series of behavioral and environmental heuristics to make user authentication and validation easy, cost-effective and reliable.

How it works

AuthenWare™ for Citrix incorporates a breakthrough, multi-dimensional approach to validating identity. Using a series of security algorithms that record and measure a person’s unique keyboard typing patterns, as well as other behavioral and environmental heuristics, the product creates a personal security pattern – the AuthenWare Singularity Pattern™ – that is as unique as the person’s DNA.

Based on a series of statistical singularities (aspects that distinguish one person from others), the pattern can even adapt to nuances in behavior such as those caused by medication, injury or fatigue. Remote users attempting to access published applications in the Citrix XenApp Server are authenticated using the AuthenWare Singularity Pattern through a secured AuthenWare login page. Upon successful authentication, the user is seamlessly passed to Citrix and allowed to proceed. AuthenWare for Citrix is certified “Citrix Ready” and supports any 32-bit or 64-bit XenApp-managed client application.

With AuthenWare for Citrix, XenApp customers can be sure that:

  • Only authorized users are granted access to applications or data
  • Invalid access attempts are detected and prevented
  • Stolen credentials are rendered useless
  • Authentication is totally transparent to the user
  • XenApp integration is “out-of-the-box”
  • The software is proven, and is certified by both International Biometric Group (IBG) and Common Criteria

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