Did you ever do the “Spot the difference in pictures” game?

Often the difference will be key to making something a pleasure or a pain. That’s the ultimate truth in many activities, so hopefully you’ll enjoy reading this short blog about where the difference can make a real change.

Check the pictures below – And find the MAJOR difference.

1) Fly

2) Virtualize


3) Display


4) Learn

Did you spot the MAIN difference in all pictures?

There’s one common dominator:

Left side = Real
Right Side = Simulated, Emulated, Theoretical….

I would assume, that whenever you have a chance, you’d choose the REAL thing! Which means if you don’t know how to hang glide or don’t have the equipment, that you’d be happy to compromise and would probably enjoy playing a flight simulator. That’s the truth for all the examples in the pictures above. If you can run the REAL thing in virtualization, i.e. running a bare metal hypervisor, then you’d definitely choose that. Make no mistake; an emulated 3d graphics card will never get close the REAL thing in the way XenClient does when passing through the GPU to the VM.

Now it’s time to talk about the last picture 

If you could get trained on the REAL thing, in a lab with notebooks, networks and servers allowing YOU to experience how the stuff works, how it looks and feels, then why would you even consider listening to PowerPoint thus only hearing how it should work!


Here’s the deal. I’m running a three hour leaning lab session every day at Synergy San Francisco, where you’ll be guided through the whole life cycle of XenClient project and the required VM’s. From installation, authoring, updating, backup to user self-service recovery process. All this and more will be covered in this class. 

My recent blog pretty much describes the major steps we’re going through during the learning lab.


Sing up for the class on the Synergy page (link below) – I’m looking forward to see you in San Francisco!


Sincerely, Walter Hofstetter