Everywhere you turn, there is a new device or app being introduced – and we’re wowed. Just think about it – at a recent IDC conference I heard them say there will be more than 1.3 million mobile apps by year end and 400 million app capable mobile devices. And for the enterprise, there will be hundreds of thousands of enterprise apps, compared to about 50,000 – 75,000 apps for the PC.

We are also “wowed” by the ability to access our work desktop and apps on all of these devices from anywhere. More than 80 tablets made their debut at CES, and that was just in the first week of January – the iPad 2 wasn’t even mentioned yet.

The flipside of “wow,” of course, is “how.” The common question we get at Citrix is “how” do we adopt these rapidly changing technologies and devices for work?

If you’re one of the many IT professionals who recently flipped from “wow” to “how,” then you really need to join us at Citrix Synergy in San Francisco this May. You’ll find significant additions to the Synergy line-up this year that will answer all of your burning questions about desktop virtualization and get you started rolling out virtual desktops and applications to your end users.

In San Francisco, we’re launching the Synergy Desktop Transformation Series, a five-part training series led by experts and architects who have implemented hundreds of desktop virtualization deployments. One of my Citrix Consulting colleagues, architect Daniel Feller, who will be leading some of these sessions, recently explained here how the Desktop Transformation Series will pave a practical pathway to adopting desktop virtualization. The series includes an intensive analysis of your organization’s business and user needs, designing an architecture that will adapt as your needs change, understanding the impact of storage, and migrating your users’ traditional desktops and new mobile phones and tablets.

Easy, right? Well, for those of you that want to supplement your classroom education with some hands-on experience, Citrix is installing the first-ever desktop virtualization “booth demo” in the Synergy exhibit hall. We’re actually building a data center onsite at the Moscone Center that will support 1,000 attendees and desktops. You can simply stop by the booth and participate in a “behind the scenes” desktop transformation demonstration, following along from your own endpoint device. This experience will truly bring the “how” of desktop virtualization to life.

Are you ready to flip your “wow” to “how?” Then I hope you’ll consider joining me and thousands of other similarly-interested techie-types by signing up for Citrix Synergy – it’s the not to be missed conference on “how.”