This blog describes how to create VMs automatically on Hyper-V 2008 R2 / SCVMM 2008 R2 with the Provisioning Services 5.6 SP1 “Streamed VM Setup Wizard”.

In some cases administrators noticed that no available networks had been assigned to all of their created VMs. Even they were unable to assign networks afterwards.

Therefore it’s important to perform the right steps during creating a template in the Hyper-V Environment and storing it on a Library Server.

Do the following Steps in SCVMM:

1. Creating a Virtual Machine in SCVMM 2008 R2

Create a new VM and follow the wizard. Within the wizard choose the option for placing this VM on a Hyper-V Host.

Note: Do not select the option saving the VM on a Library Server, because you will not be able to assign any networks in the further steps.
Follow the wizard and perform any customizations you need. Probably add a second NIC for separating PVS-stream traffic from ICA traffic. In the next steps assign the appropriate networks, select a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV), the Hyper-V Host and finish the wizard. 

2. Converting the Virtual Machine into a template  

Now convert that created VM into a template.

Note: Only templates can be used within the Streamed VM Setup Wizard on the Provisioning Server.

Do a “right click” on the created VM. Select the option “New Template”.

Note: Do not select “Save on Library”. If you select this option the VM is going to be stored as a “Virtual Machine” inside the library not as a template. In this case you will not be able to use it within the Streamed VM Setup Wizard.

A wizard starts. Follow the wizard. There is no need to perform any costumizations. Within the wizard choose a Library Server to save this template on it. The VM disappears in the “Virtual Machines” view within the SCVMM console and is now shown on the chosen Library Server as a template.

3. Using the Streamed VM Setup Wizard on the Provisioning Server

Now it’s time to create VMs with the Streamed VM Setup Wizard using the recent created template. 

a) Open the Provisioning Services Console and start the “Streamed Virtual Machine Setup Wizard”

b) Select “Microsoft SCVMM / Hyper-V” as Hyper-V Connection. Type the SCVMM-Server name into  the Hypervisor field

c) Select the appropriate “Hypervisor Cluster” and “Hypervisor Storage” and choose now the recent created template.

Follow the wizard. In the end start the creation process.

If the creation process has been successfully finished, the wished count of virtual machine was created in Hyper-V and the corresponding devices were also created on the Provisioning Server. If you want to check the properties of the new created VMs in SCVMM, you will be pleased to realize that all properties, especially all the assigned networks, are still present as it were defined in the creation process according step 1.

Power on your automatically created VMs on Hyper-V and have a lot fun.