And by gold I mean nuggets of in-depth XenServer knowledge. And by hills I mean the Golden Gate room in the Hilton Hotel, San Francisco.

So you are someone interested in learning more about the core architecture of XenServer, how these components interact plus more in-depth information about Sizing, Networking, Storage, Resources Pools and High Availability?
Then this is the Learning Lab for you.
During my Learning Labs at Summit and Synergy this May we will be covering these topics and more.

Some people might ask “Where do I start when things go wrong?” Well during this Learning Lab I will be arming you will the knowledge required to understand how XenServer works and in turn be able to narrow down the possible root cause of an issue and address it. We will also familiarise ourselves with common tools used by the Citrix support and escalation teams to help them track down the possible cause of an issue.

Ok, we all know XenServer installs quickly and is up and running in no time at all. However it also integrates and interacts with almost every component within your infrastructure which could make things pretty complex, pretty quickly. Having a deeper understanding of the product will allow for the successful implementation and operation of your XenServer environment.

To get more information on my and other Leaning Labs why not visit the Synergy website where you can find a complete agenda for learning opportunities at the event.

So come and join me for the SYN416W – XenServer technical deep dive and troubleshooting Learning Lab and pick up your nuggets of XenServer knowledge.

See you there!