Any Windows based application on any device in any location.  Ultimately that is what Microsoft Cloud Computing is.  Forget the commercials, the hype in the trade magazines and the rhetoric.  The simple definition that most consumers and small business owners will want to understand is… I get to my applications and my data without having to load them locally on every device (PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smart Phone).  All I need is an Internet connection and a device that allows me to log into my Service Provider’s plan for delivering everything I need.

Does that sound like something so far-fetched that it could only happen in a sci-fi movie or a ride at Disneyland?  Would it surprise you to know that Citrix Systems has developed a technology that allows this to happen today?  The graphic you see here depicts actual devices that allow any end user (that would be you or anyone you know) to access not only their applications, but their entire desktop on any device and even follow the user interface of that device.  That’s right, you can even get your Windows applications (and Desktops) on an iPad, iPhone or even an Android device. 

Don’t look now but the future “Cloud” from Microsoft is already here and you can get it through one of the hundreds of service providers in the Citrix Service Provider network of partners.  Would it also surprise you to know that this technology has actually been in the market for several years and many Fortune 500 companies have been using it to deliver applications to hundreds of thousands of employees?

So why you ask haven’t I seen this cool new way to get applications and desktops from the Cloud?  Well, Citrix just started the program to license the technology in 2009 and now there are enough service providers in each region to offer the service to customers around the world.  All you have to do is check out the link provided below, find a service provider in your region and ask them to sign you up!  Windows based applications through an Internet connection… that is the simplified definition of Microsoft Cloud Computing.

The joint solution from Microsoft and Citrix is the only implementation that allows this kind of service to be delivered in mass at a valued price point that consumers and small businesses alike can afford.

Check it out!  Once you get to the link, click on the tab “Hosting Providers”.  Select a Country, State/Region and City and call the service provider that comes up.  It’s that simple.