For the last couple of years I’ve recorded a personnel video diary of my time at the Citrix Summit/Synergy events both in the US and Europe. I decided to do it again and take a video camera, still camera and editing equipment with me to keep a diary of my time at Summit/Synergy in San Francisco next month. The main reason is to share the experience of the event to those who could not attend.

Register for Summit and Synergy in San Francisco in May 2011.

If you haven’t watched my last set of diaries from the Berlin event in Europe lsat year then check out the videos below. I am looking for your input on what to include in my San Francisco 2011 diaries. I’ll hopefully have plenty of time to check out some of the popular sessions in addition to interviewing some of the presenters.

So what would you like to see?

  • More time in the exhibit hall?
  • More behind the scene footage?
  • Interviews with Customers/Partners about their experience at the event?
  • More pictures of the nights out?

Let me know what you think so I can plan out my time. Thanks.

Summit Day 1

Summit Day 2

Synergy Day 1

Synergy Day 2

Synergy Day 3 and Behind the Scenes

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