Summit and Synergy registrations are filling up quickly. I’m personally looking forward to meeting some new attendees and seeing the familiar faces from previous years. As I’ve mentioned, shoot me an email if you plan to attend one of my sessions (or just recognize my name and want to say hi). I’d be glad to hear from you.

The XenDesktop 5 adoption bandwagon has really been picking up from what we can see here in support. That’s certainly a good thing. The new features, like Machine Creation Services, must be worked with from the ground up – but that’s fine and we know what we’re getting into. Existing VMs (specifically dedicated ones) and policies are things that we’ll probably want to keep with us. This session will be primarily focusing on these items. Why recreate the wheel if you don’t have to right?

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the event!  Be sure to watch my blog for other exciting details regarding my sessions.

You can register for Summit here and Synergy here.

Details on this session are available here.