The need for better security solutions is even more relevant today as companies move toward virtualization. Customers are trying to determine what is needed in this new world. Although, desktop virtualization is more secure if properly designed, challenges still exist. On one hand, IT admins are looking to meet compliance requirements, prevent hackers and malware, and ensure data and device security while on the other hand; users are looking for quick easy access to their applications and data.

Our customers have indicated that they all have different needs and requirements when it comes to security in conjunction with Citrix solutions, such as how they will provide access to data or how to enable user-owned devices to connect to corporate desktops and applications.

With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce to you the Citrix Ready Security Challenge. This challenge is an opportunity for Citrix Ready security solution partners to demonstrate to the market what makes their innovative tools and solutions unique and how they help IT admins and users deploying virtualization solutions. The goal of this challenge is to let all the partners who offer these technologies showcase them so that it makes it easier for our customers to pick the right solution that fits their needs.

A few weeks ago, we invited our security solution partners to demonstrate to the market what makes their solution unique. We asked them to prepare a short video that showcases their product capabilities and its integration with Citrix XenDesktop. Our challenge participants are: AuthenWare, CoreTrace, Delfigo Security, PhoneFactor, SafeCentral, SafenSoft, SMS Passcode and Trend Micro.

You be the judge

While this challenge is about products, technology and integrations, we also gave our participants the opportunity to demonstrate their sense of humor. The winners will be decided based on four categories by our team of judges:

  1. Security focused on Identity Management and Authentication
  2. Security focused on Malware and Attack Prevention
  3. Security focused on Data Protection
  4. Most innovative video and Citrix community award (voted by you!)

One of the most important categories is “Most innovative video and Citrix community award”. The winner of this category is chosen by you the community!

The winners will be announced in May. Here are their videos so you can see for yourself the creative ways our partners found to promote their products.

Vote now

Watch the videos and send in your votes!