Citrix is at the heart of the virtual computing revolution, helping business across market segments advance themselves from the traditional computing model to realizing the simplicity and power of virtualization.

Having said that, customers are recognizing that unlocking applications from datacenters and fostering virtual work styles will lead to greater IT control and business freedom, and frankly, who doesn’t want that?! So, the next step for partners is learning how to harness all this goodness and enabling their customers to adopt virtual computing.

Citrix Summit in San Francisco is the ideal training conference designed for partners and serves as the road map to bringing virtualization, networking, and cloud technologies into a ready-to-go, apply-me-now learning environment, complete with robust breakout sessions including product deep dives, tech talks, Hands-on Learning Labs, and much more. Whew! That’s a lot to cover in a single sentence, but then again, Summit has content galore to offer.

The countdown is nearing as Summit approaches (May 23-24), so if you’re not registered yet, what are you waiting for? There are more sessions this year ranging from Desktop Virtualization, Datacenter and Cloud, Campaigns and Initiatives, TechEdge, and Hands-on Learning Labs. These are the golden nuggets of knowledge delivered straight from the experts at Citrix so you can quickly and confidently set the virtual computing wheels in motion with your customers.

Max out your tech skills, overindulge in training, and go supersonic in sales opportunities.

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