For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, were you hibernating to miss late season snowstorms?  Or did you take a vacation to a warmer climate to warm up the blood?  If so, you might have missed the latest blogs focused on desktop virtualization.  Over the past month, the following were posted on the Virtualize My Desktop site…

  • Design XenDesktop 5 for the SMB – Upcoming TechTalk: XenDesktop 5 provides many new capabilities making it easier for small to medium business to take advantage of desktop virtualization.  This upcoming TechTalk (April 7) will provide a roadmap for building your own XenDesktop 5 solution.
  • Big Bang Effect of Desktop Virtualization: Guess what? Synergy is quickly approaching. This blog discussed the 5-part Desktop Transformation series, which is being delivered by Citrix Consulting. A quick suggestion… Register.  
  • PVS or MCS – How to Decide: This blog discusses the decision factors for deciding between Provisioning Services and Machine Creation Services.  Make sure you know when to use each one.
  • XenDesktop 5 – Site Capacity: This blog was part of a XenDesktop 5 scalability series and focuses on deciding the maximum size of a XenDesktop Site.  Hint, it is bigger than XenDesktop 4 J
  • PVS or MCS – A discussion on IOPS: Can you believe that IOPS is one of the decision factors when deciding between PVS and MCS?  Well, it is and this blog discusses that topic.

In addition to these blogs, the XenDesktop Design Handbook has continued to grow to include the following new items:

  • Integration Guide: Microsoft Lync
  • Planning Guide: Desktop Image Delivery (PVS or MCS)
  • Planning Guide: XenDesktop 5 Scalability
  • Planning Guide: User Profiles

As we speed through April, expect to see more discussions on designing your virtual desktop solution. Stay tuned…

Daniel- Lead Architect
Twitter: djfeller
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