Why the Disney reference? Disney is the king of user experience! In the world of vacation destination theme parks, user experience is everything – Disney must take care of every small detail to truly make Disneyworld the ‘happiest place on earth’ for their users or the business cannot succeed.  Similarly, in the world of desktop virtualization user experience is everything… it is what makes or breaks a successful desktop virtualization strategy, and your success will be measured by your ability to produce the ‘happiest users on earth.’ With this in mind, Citrix has once again raised the bar, announcing a new addition to Citrix XenDesktop that promises to juice performance even further for employees accessing their virtual desktops, apps and data over a wide area network (WAN).

XenDesktop Platinum customers now receive HDX WAN Optimization, powered by unlimited Branch Repeater VPX, at no additional charge. There are no tricks or limited feature sets here – you can use all of Branch Repeater VPX’s acceleration and optimization capabilities for both ICA and non-ICA network traffic.

This is the same Branch Repeater that Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently declared a Value Leader - the highest honors - in their Radar for WAN Optimization Controllers Q1 2011. In addition, Gartner ranked Citrix Branch Repeater in the top three for AP-WOC market share for the year 2010. It is a proven solution for delivering a LAN-like user experience across the WAN while slashing network bandwidth costs.

Come to Synergy session SYN327: New! XenDesktop Platinum includes HDX WAN optimization for branch users “in the box” to take full advantage of Branch Repeater VPX’s advanced technology. You’ll  learn how to configure its acceleration, compression and newly released unparalleled prioritization/QoS features alongside your Citrix XenDesktop environment to achieve those magical results and give your users a thrilling virtual desktop experience that keeps them coming back for more.

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