Community News Flash…

Chris Fleck, VP of Community & Solutions Development at Citrix, who has been a hardcore mobile device and smartphone advocate and power user, has publicly announced today that he has found the ultimate solution in his new invention, the NirvanaHelmet.

Chris has been a long time fan of the awesome technology from key smartphone vendors, but he feels that the NirvanaHelmet is the wave of the future. He will now be using the solution to overcome the constraint of physical devices and reach a truly nirvana mobile state of mind.

Key features of the NirvanaHelmet include:

  • No need to carry a laptop, tablet or smartphone: all you need is the NirvanaHelmet.
  • HDMI video output not required: images of business apps & data are transmitted directly into your brain, making the data very secure.
  • Retinal scanning and brain wave input replaces external mouse and keyboard, usually required by other nirvana devices.
  • The Citrix Receiver for the NirvanaHelmet is currently under development, but no ship date has been specified.

Key business drivers of the NirvanaHelmet include:

  • The use of mental telepathy makes physical docking stations obsolete and makes the NirvanaHelmet the ultimate Nirvana device.
  • The NirvanaHelmet is a cross-vertical solution, except for K-8 education where small children may be traumatized by the sight of their teachers using the helmet.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Laura Whalen
Citrix Systems, Inc.
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