Did you hear the news that here at Citrix we are coming out with our own brand of printers later this year? I’m pretty excited about it and understand that these devices will be able to print on any type of paper, generate their own inks from organic materials, and even have the option of printing in 3D. Of course it will also be fully optimized for the Citrix Universal Printing System.

Naw, we’re not coming out with any new printers. Happy April Fools! Now that I have your attention, let me continue to inform you about my five hour printing workshop at both Summit and Synergy events. Configuring and troubleshooting printing in a Citrix environment is not a very difficult or time consuming process. I’ve worked hundreds of printing cases over the past few years here in the support department and I can tell you first hand that many issues stem from incorrect policy settings, poor administrative practices, or a simple lack of know-how. Sure, this may be true for many things in IT, but we typically don’t need to parse through extensive log files, implement complex registry settings, or perform a comprehensive network analysis when it comes to printing. Much of what it boils down to is making a few key decisions during the design phase, implementing them, and knowing what to and how to keep tabs on the state of printing.

Aside from policies and know-how, we always need to ensure we are using the right tool for the job. In this session we’ll take an in-depth look at many of the common printing tools from Citrix and Microsoft. They help us to streamline things like printer and driver management. There are also some printing tools which are no longer compatible with 2008 R2, XenDesktop 5, and XenApp 6, so it’s important to know which ones they are and their replacements.

The sessions are filling up quickly and Summit and Synergy will be here before we know it! The events will feature many new concepts, forums, open discussions, and plenty of valuable information overall (aside from my session of course).  Continue checking my blog for the latest updates on my sessions.

You can register for Summit here and Synergy here.

Details on this session are available here.