How do you meet your users’ expectations when they have been brought up on Apple and Amazon? New users expect to be able to get what they want, when they want it – calling a helpdesk is a pain and tickets are something they only use at the weekend.

Much has been written about the rise of Consumerization and the role of ‘self service’. IT have traditionally looked on the ‘non-standard’ laptop as a problem and the ideas of opening the floodgates to users bringing their own tech-toys to work fills many with dread.

But perhaps it isn’t all so bad. If users choose and manage their own devices, and select and use the software they want, then not only do they feel empowered – but IT can be freed from enforcing unloved ‘standard images’ with their inherent compromises, and can focus instead on adding real value.

I’ll be talking at Citrix Synergy about how you can use Citrix Receiver to set up your own App Store to present your current and future IT wares in a way that has become second nature to a new generation of employees. Handing users control over the choice of endpoint and focusing on the delivery of apps and services can pay huge dividends – and opening an App Store doesn’t mean losing control. Receiver maintains all the IT policies on who can use what, when, and where – but gives users the ability to swap between devices, and customize their work environment to suit their needs. As you deploy new applications such as SaaS or Streaming, Receiver can help with provisioning and maintaining a simple seamless user experience.

Come join myself and Simon Frost at SYN321 to learn how to set up your own store to deliver XenApp and SaaS applications, desktops and more to a broad array of Receivers on platforms from Windows and Web to iOS and Android.