You heard all the hype about BYO and you get the reasons why, but in the meantime you need to do your job to protect the company and support users without being overwhelmed. Maintaining an IT policy of “No Support” for personal devices is no longer working when you know users are hacking their own ways to get access, and execs are breathing down your neck to get their apps and docs available on the latest tablet, smartphone or MacBook Air.

To make BYO a reality, however, is not as simple as the flip of a switch. There are options, risk assessments, policies and pilots that need to be planned. There are also different stages of adoption to consider: for example, you may be starting with only smart phones with limited access, or progressing to any device an employee owns, or even all the way to company funded programs.

To learn more about safe and successful BYO programs as well as the issues that we hear from early adopters, come to my session at Synergy. Questions like when do you need MDM and what are the ways to minimize risks and support calls will be discussed as well. In addition, you will hear more about the future plans for Citrix Receiver and Mobility solutions you can use.

Date: May 25, 9:00AM and May 27, 2:00PM
Session: SYN319: Say “yes” to BYO tablets, computers and smartphones in the workplace

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