Cutting edge technology is nothing new for Citrix. With the release of XenDesktop 5 in December of last year, we once again sharpened our edge on desktop delivery. We released a newly designed Desktop Delivery Controller which provides true enterprise-ready scalability and management. We introduced the Quick Deploy method using Machine Creation Services that allows you to stand up a complete XenDesktop infrastructure in less than a day’s work. But there were still a few edges to sharpen. The storage requirement for MCS is different than when using a traditional Provisioning Services vDisk. And what happen to the XenDesktop Setup Wizard for PVS integration? The new architecture for the Desktop Delivery Controller provides the ability for one controller to handle up to 10,000 VDA registrations! But it also requires a new base operating system and a new SQL database. This means a complete rebuild. Now it’s all starting to sound like a double edged sword right?

Granted there have been many double edged swords in the world of technology. And with each release of new technology begins a new round of debate and a new set of challenges. Does anyone remember when we replaced the ICAbrowser with IMA? Or how about when we went from a license on a floppy drive to a license file and server? Whoa, that goes way back! There has been a lot of recent debate surrounding storage and disk I/O with the release of XenDesktop 5. We have MCS on one side of the sword and PVS on the other. At Synergy 2011 we will fill in the gaps and provide guidance and best practices around virtual desktop delivery with a plethora of breakout sessions and learning labs. What is unique about Optimizing virtual desktop delivery with XenDesktop 5 is you will get hands on experience with the newly released additions to the XenDesktop 5 product which will show you how you can sharpen your edge on virtual desktop delivery. In this three hour class, we will introduce you to the new components of XenDesktop 5 and show you how you can use these enhancements to complete a production rollout of XenDesktop 5. We will show you how you can reduce your storage ROI using XenServer IntelliCache with MCS. We will show you how you can migrate the XD4 farm settings in the IMA datastore to the new XD5 SQL database. We will use the new improved XenDesktop Setup Wizard for PVS 5.6 SP1. And we will show you how to comply with licensing audits by enforcing user/device licensing with XenDesktop 5 and the latest license server. This three-hour session featuring a virtual, hosted lab will give attendees an in-depth look at how the latest XenDesktop features work together to provide a complete, enterprise-ready desktop virtualization solution. All you need to bring is your laptop! To find out more about Synergy click here.

Looking forward to a great Synergy event!

Beth Roberts – Architect – Worldwide Technical Readiness