Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to mention the session that I will be doing with my colleague KD Bindra at Synergy 2011
I have been working for a while on an exciting new tool here in Citrix, to help XenServer users, customers and partners. We are calling it “Xenoscope” and it will be a part of Citrix new Tools as a Service offering (more later on this). 

The aim of Xenoscope is to help people understand the contents of the status report generated from XenServer and get a good overview of their XenServer.  It has some neat features which I want to show at Synergy, which help users detect currently known issues.

I got involved in this as I wanted to find a way to help customers and partners get a quicker resolution to any issue they might be having – and also – if an issue is a common issue that someone else has previously experienced – then detect it straight away and point to a solution.

The tool will be available later this year – but if you want an inside look at it – Synergy 2011 is the place to be,

I look forward to meeting you there

Xenoscope will be previewed at the “SUM412D“, “SYN415D” and “SYN412D” sessions in Synergy and Summit, San Francisco, May 2011.

Session : Troubleshooting Citrix XenServer using Citrix tools and a preview of Citrix Tools as a Service