There are times working with Citrix XenApp that you may need to get a quick report on exactly how many resources are published to the farm. The Powershell cmdlets provided by Citrix make getting this information so much easier. In order to accomplish this task I thought it would be good if I could return a list along with a count of the published resource types available. Not only will this utility return a list of the applications and some basic information it also allows you to export to a csv file.
Requirements to use this utility:
Powershell needs to be installed on the machine running the utility
Citrix Powershell cmdlets need to be installed on the XenApp server to be queried
Powershell remoting should be enabled on the XenApp server being queried

On execution of the utility you will be prompted for credentials. The credentials you use need to have farm admin rights. This utility is creating a Powershell session to the server that will be specified in the main screen.

Once you have entered credentials the utility will display. Now you can enter a XenApp Server to query and click run.

The utility will provide a total count of published resources as well as individual counts of each published resource type. Which can be exported to a CSV file.

This utility is provided as is and without
 - Kevin