Free Home Surveillance System with every GoToMyPC Purchase !

The blurb above is absolutely, technically true. But, don’t contact Citrix for this special offer. Read on to see how you can simply convert your Laptop or Desktop to a Live Video feed/home surveillance system thanks to GoToMyPC.

The Background: Last month my Kids, who live with their Mom, were going to be on their own/alone for the first time ever. Sounds odd since my son is 18 and my daughter is 20 but it’s true. No problem, right? Wrong. My son’s many friends are a diverse group who I’ve known over the years to be bright, a little rowdy and curious. Anxiety began to grow in me directly proportional to my son’s anticipation at being on his own for the 1st time. Rather than fret, I decided to let technology ease my angst and set up a live home video feed that I can access “anytime, anywhere”. My daughter, who would be away with friends over the weekend, “volunteered” her Dell Insperion for the cause- configuring her machine as one of My Computers. (MAC works too).

The Set-Up: I had tried this technique previously on an extended business trip and it worked perfectly. I set my laptop  – with the built in mini-cam (or add-on $29 USB minicam) – to never hibernate, never power off and never shut down the hard drive. And, of course, I plugged-in the power supply   –
I direct connected the LAN cable to the laptop NIC (you can use wireless – I use direct – it’s more secure/simple/faster). The laptop mini-camera was pointed to view the living area of our house – including a doorway which was closed and would have to be opened to gain access to other rooms. I tested the view and verified the proper view angle and clarity with the minicam provided software.

The Random Sanity Check: Periodically during the trip, I would connect to my Laptop via GoToMyPC, launch the webcam software and view the room through my GoToMyPC session. Everything Safe and Secure -  no open doors, no missing items, log off – thank you. In my son’s case, it was “Please behave – I’ll be checking in at random intervals. Have a great weekend.” .

The Psychology: We already had a home alarm system with outdoor video, but the cost of up to $2000 for interior cameras/ software was expensive and intrusive (anyone see Paranormal Activity 2?). And, if you’re not limited by time or $ and want to upgrade, you could outfit your laptop to stream to a TerraByte removable Hard drive and let the software run continuously. For me, the random connect and sanity check method was perfect. My son was less amused, but it all worked out for the best.

The Sting: My lovely daughter never got around to installing the software as we discussed. We let my son bake all weekend not knowing if he was under surveillance or not. In the end, none of his friends wanted to enter the house.

Other Notes: Believe me, the first time you connect from far away and see your living room live, it is cool. I guess if you have a fish tank,  that would be even cooler. If you really had a break–in Ouch, at least you can verify it sooner.

The Pitch: You already have the technology – that’s the beauty – the rest is procedural.

The Sub Title – Parent of 18 yr old finds peace and contentment with Citrix Technology

Dave Gallinson – Sr. TRM – Citrix Systems  – Technical Support