Just to let you know we’ve been listening -- and we are grateful for your feedback -- we’ve now released updates to:

While we are planning to continue improving these guides, we are hoping they are significantly better. We corrected issues one of our JDP partners helpfully pointed out; specifically, we fixed horrifically out-of-date UI procedures, clarified some seriously vague points, and enhanced some information.

By “enhancing some information,” I actually mean we added a lot of information. I believe the administrator’s guide is now twelve pages longer – if that gives you any idea.

Recently, some of our partners and SEs requested that we explain how Workload Balancing works under-the-hood. For example, how does Workload Balancing calculate optimization recommendations? How do metric weightings actually work?

The newest version of the Workload Balancing Administrator’s Guideincludes this information.

I was going to blog about why understanding how optimization recommendations is important, but this post was starting to get long. I guess this will have to be a “two-parter.”

So, as they say in the cliffhangersTo Be Continued