With Offline plug-in 6.0.2 and higher, it has become easier to deliver AppHubWhiteList, now plug-in takes a command line parameter CTX_APPHUB_WHITELIST, which can be used to deliver AppHubWhiteList both using Receiver as well as Commandline arguments as in eDcocs. Merchandising server takes the parameter from its Web UI and passes the same to the Offline Plug-in installer.

Merchendising server makes use of the Offline Plug-in’s Metadata XML “XenAppStreamingMetadata.xml” to show the UI, as well as delivering ApphubWhiteList. CTX_APPHUB_WHITELIST gets filled in by Citrix Receiver, as shown in the MetaData.xml below:

$AppHubWhiteList will be filled in by a Configuration Variable as below.

Same can be done for any commandline that Offline plug-in takes and can be deployed using Citrix Receiver by editing the MetaData XML file by admin.