OpenStack today gained support for VMware vSphere! This brings the OpenStack compute options to seven: vSphere, XenServer/Xen Cloud Platform, Xen, Hyper-V, KVM, QEMU, and UML. LXC isn’t far behind, which will make eight.

The vSphere support was a culmination of three months of effort inside Citrix, and support from many others in the OpenStack community, resulting in a development and QA proposal, 5000 lines of code, dozens and dozens
of review comments, and last but definitely not least, automated stress testing.

The obvious question that many people will have is: why is Citrix adding vSphere support?

We’ve done this because we believe that people deploying OpenStack should be free to choose whichever hypervisor they please. Of course OpenStack will work best on XenServer – as one of the original XenSource team, I would say that – but it’s not in customers’ best interests if we try to force them that way. vSphere no doubt has its part to play in cloud deployments, and we want OpenStack to support a wide variety of hypervisors (and even support more than one in the same cloud).

As we move our OpenStack work forward, look for Citrix to use this new vSphere support alongside the XenServer support that we added two releases ago and the Hyper-V support added by last release, to give service providers real choice about hypervisors inside their clouds.