Printing is such an integral part of any IT implementation. While many companies are aiming to reduce paper consumption and go green, there often times remains a need for documents, charts, and other materials to be printed in hard-copy format. As great as devices like iPads and other tablets are for document exchange, they simply can’t be taken with us and used in every situation. For example, it would certainly be nice if every vendor we worked with daily offered paperless, electronic receipts direct to our email and smartphone, but we’re simply not quite there yet.

As important as printing is, it remains an equally challenging aspect for many admins – including Citrix admins. In a perfect world, if all users connected to our XenDesktop and XenApp environments with predictable business-class devices, utilized the Citrix Universal Print Driver, and only worked with mainstream applications like Microsoft Office, we would probably have few issues. The reality of the situation is that users often connect with various types of print devices, use a multitude of different drivers, and work with 3rd party and perhaps in-house or custom applications as well. There is often no shortage of variables at play – some we can control and others we need to work around.

At this year’s Summit and Synergy in San Francisco, I’ll be hosting an in-depth 5 hour workshop on printing for XenDesktop and XenApp. It’s setting up to be one of the most comprehensive sessions on printing we’ve ever done with a focus on core concepts, demos, and plenty of technical labs. Here are just a few of the topics we’ll be covering.

  • Windows Printing Concepts and Printer Types
  • Types of Printer Drivers and How to Manage Them
  • The Citrix Universal Printing Architecture
  • Printing Configuration with Policies
  • Tools and Troubleshooting
  • The XPS Standard
  • XenDesktop Passthrough Scenarios
  • Recent printing enhancements to optimize printing speed
  • Live demo of a future printing feature! (It will transform the way you handle printing with Citrix)

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the event!  Be sure to watch my blog for other exciting details regarding my sessions.

You can register for Summit here and Synergy here.

Details on this session are available here.