Hello everyone!  It’s that time of year again – Summit and Synergy registration for 2011!  We’re putting together tons of content to help you reap the maximum benefit from your Citrix investment.  What are you going to be attending at the event this year?  If you are considering migrating to XenDesktop 5 from an existing XenDesktop 4 environment, be sure to check out my session titled “Migrating your XenDesktop 4 deployment to XenDesktop 5.”  Based on the recently released XenDesktop 5 Migration Tool, it could save you hours or days worth of work trying to recreate all your desktop groups, policies, and other settings.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the event!  Be sure to watch my blog for other exciting details regarding my sessions.

You can register for Summit here and Synergy here.

Details on this session are available here.