Now the final part.

Transcript: To illustrate the methodology we give a small case study.

Transcript: We had a WinDbg script with 3 commands:

  • lmv (list modules verbose)
  • The 2nd command says: for each module in a process check its image data for any corruption
  • The 3rd command says: for each thread in a process dump its stack memory data with corresponding symbolic information.

Transcript: Memory Dump Analysis Portal contains nearly 1,000 articles related to memory dumps, debugging and troubleshooting. There is also a printed edited multi-volume version and a poster that contains memory dump analysis checklist and pattern catalogue.

Comment: Memory Dump, Software Trace, Debugging and Malware Analysis Portal now contains more than 2,000 articles related to memory dump and software trace analysis, troubleshooting and debugging, tool construction, security and much more. The printed edited multi-volume version now has 4 volumes in print with 5th and 6th volumes are coming this year.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ Citrix Blogs –

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