Hi Everyone,

Just a quick (quick ha!) note to let you know about my upcoming Synergy hands on session. First though – I pondered on using the above title – does it mean the same thing on both sides of the Atlantic? Just in case there’s any doubt, it means an abundance, plenty, lots, numerous, loads… etc
An apt term to describe the amount of new features in NetScaler 9.3!

I’m one of a small team here in Citrix who creates and delivers training material internally. When you get the e-mail, or article notification stating “There’s a new release of NetScaler code out” – we’ve already done our jobs. That is.. to educate everyone internally so on day zero, if you call us, we’ll know what you’re talking about!

So – why am I delivering this  session?

I delivered my first “NetScaler Basic Ops & Administration” session in 2007. That was on NetScaler 8.0.

In May 2008 – 8.1 was released. In November 2008 9.0 was released. In June 2009, 9.1 was released (and nCore was born… please bear with me – I*am* going somewhere with this!) In August 2009, we released our first virtual NetScaler appliance (VPX).  In March 2010, 9.2 was released…  phew!!

Since then we’ve had the enhancement builds with tasters for 9.3 (DNS Sec, Web Interface…)

Each release contained from 1 day to 4 days of training… so if you wanted to get up to speed on NetScaler 9.2, you’d need to do the 5 days of Operations Administration (which only touches off each of the features), along with aprox 10-15 more days on top to cover the delta!

So – maybe you wouldn’t need as much as all that – the training we deliver internally covers the features in a lot more detail – and also contains training on tools for our support staff to identify and troubleshoot issues.

However, for the first time ever, we’ve decided to open some of this material outside of Citrix.

Our 9.3 release is JAM PACKED with new features… in the few hours we have – we won’t have time to cover them all, but I’ll do my best to cover the most interesting ones. We’ll have hands on labs so you will be configuring these all by yourself.

To have the confidence in the functionality of a feature – I like to set it up, see it working, and I see no reason to deny you the same experience. There are some pieces of web code that I use to demonstrate cookie tampering, cookie encryption, MySQL load balancing etc … which will be yours to take with you.

If there’s anything in 9.3 that you want me to step through – please let me know in good time so I can work it into the training!

You can register for Synergy here.

Information on my session can be found here.

I’ll look forward to seeing some of you in San Francisco!

Ronan O’Brien.