I was just having breakfast this morning and doing the usual on my laptop… You know, checking the stock price, finding out what Kate Middleton’s wearing today and checking the registration numbers for the XenServer Master Class tomorrow.

1683 Registrations with over 1200 in the last 12 hours alone! I nearly choked on my breakfast! Oh dear, I might actually have to put some extra effort in tomorrow

Why are number so high then?

  • Is it because me and Steve Benton are so interesting to listen to? Nope, it can’t possibly be that…
  • Is it because we have special guest appearances from Bill Carovano (XenServer Product Director) and SEP (XenServer backup vendor)? Well, we haven’t told anybody, so it can’t be that either..
  • Is it because, dare I say it, XenServer is gaining a massive amount of traction with over 200k activations and over HALF of XenDesktop deployments using it?

Well, whatever you think the reason is, we’d love to have you along! The subject, as voted by our last audience, is “XenServer Troubleshooting”.

Wednesday 23rd March
2:00pm Eastern Time
Register here

First come, first served though… GotoWebinar only allows 1000 concurrent streams, so we might be going “to the max” if our usual turnout percentages are anything to go by!

See you there!