Transcript: In extracted textual data we can identify various patterns.

Transcript: This becomes our problem identification step. The process can be iterated together the previous information extraction step using checklists.

Transcript: What do we mean by a pattern in a memory dump analysis domain? A memory dump analysis pattern is a common recurrent identifiable problem (for example, heap corruption) together with a set of recommendations and possible solutions (for example, enabling application verifier settings) to apply in a specific context (for example, a farm with 100 concurrent users). So far we have identified more than 100 patterns and provided many pattern combinations and case studies that you can find on memory dump analysis portal.

Comment: Now on Memory Dump, Software Trace, Debugging and Malware Analysis Portal you can find more than 200 patterns including software trace analysis patterns (for example, applicable to CDF trace analysis), patterns for troubleshooting and debugging tools (Debugware), and problem workaround patterns.

Transcript: Selected pattern names.

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