A few weeks ago, I described my first impression of Summit in my blog entitled “Partners Take Center Stage at Citrix Summit,” in which I describe that aside from the rush I experienced at this mega conference event, the focus and attention on partners was really the pivotal factor in what makes Citrix Summit tick.

Well, just to elaborate a bit more – not only does Summit offer intense training and breakout sessions focused on virtualization,networking, and cloud computing along with product and tech deep dives, Hands-on Learning Labs, TechEdge, and complete access to Citrix Synergy, there is also a Partner Transformation Center.

Sounds like we’re going to beam partners from here to there like in the movie “Star Trek,” right? Well, while Citrix offers some pretty awesome virtualization solutions, we’re not quite ready to beam anyone around however, after checking out the Partner Transformation Center, you really will go onto new places – that is new sales opportunities, new skills, new insights, and a new look at some neat tools and programs being offered by Citrix.

The Partner Transformation Center is your place to meet with Citrix team members and learn more about the Citrix and Microsoft V-Alliance initiative or our Cisco alliance that can help you improve your strategic value, how Citrix Syndication can up-level your web content offerings and provide lead gen, take a test drive of the new Marketing Concierge tool, gain a better understanding of the enhancements being made to My Citrix that will make your business with us more simpler and easier, and much more.

Swing by the Partner Transformation Center at Summit San Francisco on May 23 and 24, on the second floor of the Moscone West Convention Center, just across from the breakout sessions rooms. Come by, talk with us, learn, and get ready to be beamed to greater heights and grow your total opportunity.

See you at the Partner Transformation Center.

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