We are ramping up for Synergy 2011 in San Francisco. In only 2 short months, the virtualization industry will descent on the City at the Bay to take in the latest and greatest in networking, cloud computing and Application/Desktop/Server Virtualization.
We have several fantastic demos and announcements coming up. As a sneak preview, this video I shot over the weekend shows you the “wow” of desktop virtualization in the cloud – and as an aviation nut, I took a slightly non-conventional spin to the iPad demo, so be sure to check it out :

Now, on Wednesday and Friday of Synergy, Dan Feller and I are presenting Session 329, which is titled “
Getting from “Wow to How”, Part 1: Understanding the desktop transformation process and getting started.” Dan and I are going to help you make the transition from the marvel of an initial demo to the your first implementation projects and set the foundation for a five part series of desktop transformation related sessions at Synergy this year. If you ever asked yourself “How do I get started?” and “How am I going to manage the implementation process of desktop virtualization?”, this is the session you will not want to miss.
Specifically, we’re going to talk in technical and – more importantly – business terms about the first steps to transform your delivery of desktop computing resources and applications to your users and review the various technical architectures.

We’ll see you in San Francisco.

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