If you have been following along with my last few posts, you know that it’s all about getting our SDK’s packages out to more developers and helping in that mission is the Nuget package manager .

In a recent check I noticed that our SDK downloads in the Nuget system have topped a combined 450 downloads and trending upwards. That’s an excellent number and my question is, what are you building with our sdks?

Nuget has, i believe, become the defacto way for developers to get free libraries injected right into their .NET project without leaving the Visual Studio environment. Since its release, the NuGet package system is certainly gaining steam, currently there are currently 889 .NET packages and growing in NuGet, all available from right within Visual Studio, including 5 Citrix SDK’s.

So with 450 downloads of the SDK’s, we are interested, what are you building with our SDK’s? Share what you are building with the SDK’s, even if its an internal app and we’ll put it up on SDK central. Ping me on twitter, @johnmcbride or send me an email and we will showcase it on our SDK central site!

For more information on the NuGet/Citrix Packages see in the “Important Information” link below along with the Video tutorial.

As always, send me your feedback. Share what you’re doing with us and lets help build the SDK community! You can ping me on twitter @johnmcbride or you can email me at john dot mcbride at citrix dot com and let me know!

One last thing, take the quick polls below and give us some feedback on the Citrix SDK’s and NuGet!

Citrix SDK’s/NuGet Video Tutorial

Quick video tutorial showing how to the use this NuGet to download some of the Citrix SDK’s

Useful Information

For more information on NuGet you can check out the following resources