Citrix Education recently recognized the most prestigious Citrix Authorized Learning Centers (CALCs) and Citrix Certified Instructors (CCIs) in the Americas for their hard work throughout 2010.

Amongst the nominations, Dyntek, Inc. received the esteemed CALC of the Year award. Citrix Education recognized DynTek’s training program for its high customer satisfaction, industry-leading low class cancellation rate, and ability to enable Citrix to vastly increase the number of students trained on its’ products.
Other top awards include:

Most Strategic Education Partner: TH Consultants
The Most Strategic Education Partner is awarded to the CALC that has been instrumental throughout the year developing new and innovative delivery solutions for Citrix courses.

Top Regional Partner:

Top Regional Partner is awarded to the CALC in each region that continuously worked with Citrix Education to offer a superior Citrix training experience to their students, helped drive training revenue for that region, and collaborated with Citrix Education on ways to grow the business. 

Top CCI Partner for North America: Jessy Strebel, International Data Systems
This CCI has been instrumental in growing the Citrix training business in Canada by continuously promoting Citrix products during teaching engagements, increasing the diversity and demand for additional training offerings in Canada. 

Top CCI Partner for Latin America and the Caribbean: Veronica Garcia, SICAP
Throughout 2010, this CCI taught the majority of custom/private engagements for Citrix Education in more than five countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Veronica maintained the highest Metrics That Matter (MTM) scores in the region, and her willingness and commitment to deliver quality courses was unwavering. 

Highest CCI Rating: Todd Hurst, Layer8 Training
This CCI has repeatedly received positive MTM course evaluations for quality and consistency in course delivery. This award is based on MTM results in combination with two other measurements – total number of courses and total number of surveys completed. 

Most Strategic CCI: Robert Morris, Advantec
This award goes to the instructor who was instrumental throughout the year developing custom training, accelerated offerings, and new delivery of modalities. This CCI delivered training sessions to some of Citrix Education’s most strategic customers worldwide.

Indiana Jones Award: Mark Simmons
The Indiana Jones award is awarded to the CCI that went above and beyond to provide training to Citrix Education customers.

Congratulations to all of our 2010 winners!