Remember the handy wizard you could install and run on your PVS server to automate and build out your XenDesktop 4 environment? thats right – The XenDesktop Setup Wizard…. very useful tool which allowed an admin to link a vDisk to a VM template and create multiple VMs while also building the Desktop Group hosting the VMs.

Well now, for anyone still using the full version of PVS with XenDesktop 5, there is some good news. This functionality is now available…

Instead of the standalone install/tool run on a PVS server. The new wizard is built into the PVS management console itself and is comprised of two new wizards which can be accessed by right clicking on the site node:

1.XenDesktop Setup Wizard (new version of the XenDesktop Setup Wizard, compatible with XenDesktop 5 that automates deployment of collections of streamed virtual desktops).

2.Streamed VM Setup Wizard (provides similar functionality for the deployment of other types of streamed VMs, including XenApp servers).

The PVS setup wizard along with the soon to be released Migration tool are the first two component releases leading to the upcoming XenDesktop 5 SP1 release (early Q2 2011)

Note: The new functionality is delivered via a PVS hotfix and to install the patch you will need to be running PVS v5.6 SP1.

To download the required hotfix just follow the link below:

Once downloaded, the zip file contains multiple installers to patch standalone console installs and full server installs for both x86 and x64 as well as documentation and a new PowerShell snapin to support XD5.

Why not take a closer…

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