In my previous post, I wrote about using joint POC and pilot funding from Citrix and Microsoft to help you jumpstart you Citrix XenDesktop and Microosft desktop virtualization project.

App-DNA is another partner that has a similar Jumpstart POC funding program with Microsoft for Windows 7 and App-V\MDOP deployments to both physical and virtual desktops. I visited App-DNA last year at the invitation of Samit Patel to talk about the Citrix and Microsoft partnership and how other software companies like App-DNA can fit into our joint solution.

I was very impressed with what I learned abut the AppTitude solution from App-DNA. One particularly interesting anecdote was from a large financial services company that was starting a very large VDI and desktop virtualization project with Citrix XenDesktop. One of their biggest challenges was the 12,000 applications that were part of the project – and the enormous ongoing costs with managing and supporting those 12,000 apps. On top of that, the costs of migrating those 12,000 apps into a new environment threatened to kill the entire project.

With the capabilities built into AppTitude, this customer was able to determine that many of those apps were no longer being used or provided duplicate functionality to other apps. They were also able to determine which apps were 64 bit compliant (or only 32 bit) and Remote Desktop Services (and XenApp) compliant. AppTitude can also determine if an app is well suited for packing with Microsoft’s App-V, and can automatically convert an application MSI to an App-V sequence.

App-DNA AppTitude helped the customer cut the number of apps in the project by more than half, and helped them make informed decisions about which Citrix XenDesktop Flexcast model was best suited to each application (VDI, Hosted Shared Desktop with XenApp, streamed physical desktop, etc…). The overall cost of the project was reduced substantially due to the dramatic reduction in application support and maintenance costs – the cost of migrating those applications to the new desktop virtualization environment was significantly reduced as well. Of course, App-DNA can do a much better job than me of telling their story.

Here is the App-DNA CTO Paul Schnell talking about how App-DNA fits into the Desktop Transformation model at Citrix Synergy Berlin.

Here is Samit Patel at Synergy San Francisco talking about App-DNA after they were nominated for the Best of Synergy Award. Samit gives us a short demo as well.

App-DNA recently released a case study on the Co-operative Group (winner of the Customer Innovation Award at Synergy Berlin) in the UK that use AppTitude, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft App-V and Windows 7 for a full Desktop Transformation project. Read more about this case study here

With the inclusion of App-DNA in the Microsoft JumpStart program and their great alignment with the joint Citrix Microsoft solution, you have the opportunity to access multiple POC and pilot services funds while building a true desktop transformation project as the Co-operative Group has demonstrated. You can learn more about how Citrix, Microsoft and App-DNA work together at MMS 2011.

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