Citrix is working very closely with Microsoft to provide content on our joint solution at MMS 2011. In addition to some great demos in the keynote, here are some sessions at MMS that will either have a Citirx co-speaker or some Citrix provided content or demos.

1) BA01 Configuration Manager: State of the Union (Slide content and possible demo of Titan Connector for SCCM 2012)

2) BK09 Turning Wow into How — Leveraging System Center and more for Desktop Virtualization (Tony Sanchez session)

3) BA03 Configuration Manager 2012: Technical Overview (Slide content)

4) BD15 Why VDI for Hyper-V? (Slide content)

5) BD17 Planning and deploying VDI with Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and Microsoft RemoteFX (Slide content)

6) BD18 Microsoft Desktop Virtualization: The Right Technology for Your Business Scenario (Slide content)

7) BD52 Virtualizing SharePoint Server with Hyper-V (Slide content)

8) BD53 Virtualizing Exchange Server with Hyper-V (Slide content)

9) BB06 Operations Manager 2012: Network Monitoring (Slide content)

10) BC22 How to develop a successful Desktop Strategy (Thin, Thick, VDI… ) (Michael Cooper co-presenting)

11) BD03 Virtual Machine Manager 2012: What’s In It and How It Enables Building Private Clouds and Federation to Public Clouds (Slide content)

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