Including VPX’s with Commvault

Operational spending on IT, primarily Data Protection, continues to be highly correlated around staff and infrastructure. Whether your data storage is local or in the cloud, driving down costs suggests that any approach must be highly automated and work toward containing those costs.

Data Growth remains an uphill battle as the amount of data is growing at rates far faster than the operational budget can support. That disparity means you are in a constant struggle to work smarter and more efficiently squeezing more utilization out of the resources you already own.

Cutting costs and managing growth are two leading drivers in the mass migration IT is undergoing in the move to virtualized infrastructures. This ongoing shift is now making your data dynamic by nature. Workloads, applications and data now float over servers and locations which pose problems for those older legacy backup tools which expected to find the same data in the same scripted location each night.

That problem is exacerbated by the viral nature of Virtual Machines which magically pop up on the network overnight without any advanced notice – we refer to this condition as dynamic sprawl. Combine this with the dynamic nature of Virtual Disks, shared or dedicated, and unquestionably any modernized data management system must have a way to overcome this sprawl by automatically discovering and adjusting to changes in the applications and systems. This ensures you are capturing and indexing everything you need, so you can immediately turn around and drive a successful recovery of that system, machine, application or a lost document.

Time is also critical and it is the one resource that is continuing to shrink – redcuing your backup window – and dictate how long you need to preserve those copies of data to meet compliance or governance requirements.

Shrinking backup windows, rentention, recovery, SLA’s, cost management and data growth are colliding with the drive to virtualization. Traditional backup approaches are clearly not up to the challenge & a new way forward is needed.

This is where CommVault comes in to play. Simpana 9 software from CommVault delivers a centrally managed, scalable and automated data protection solution that Bridges data protection and data management capabilities for both physical and virtual server environments in a single console.

This unified solution for managing and protecting data is emerging as a key requirement in the drive to a modern data management solution. However, it is important for that data protection solution to be more than just a single pane of glass for management. This requirement implies that customers demand (and rightfully so) a solution that meets the same business and service level requirements for virtual server environments – like Citrix Xen – that they get today in their physical environment.

This is the value of the Simpana 9 Virtual Server Protection capabilities for CommVault. Not only does Simpana 9 deliver a singular management solution that bridges both physical and virtual environments. It delivers industry leading data protection and data management capabilities that meet the most demanding business and service level requirements.

We did a proof of concept in the Citrix Santa Clara lab, to show that CommVault easily backs up the Citrix Virtual environment – consisting of XenServer, XenApp, XenDesktop, NetScaler VPX, Branch Repeater VPX, and Access Gateway VPX.

Integrated protection for Citrix Xen Server environments

  • Full VM-level backups:
  • For all supported OSes including Windows vdisks, NetScaler VPX, Access Gateway VPX, Branch Repeater VPX, XenApp VM’s, XenDesktop VM’s
  • VM or file-level recovery
  • Autodiscovery of VMs:

How it works

  • A VSA deployed on a proxy VM (guest) inside each physical Xen server
  • Backup queisces VM, snaps VM and attached to the proxy VM.
  • Proxy VM mounts the snapshot as a volume and transfers to backup media

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