When we talk about desktop virtualization and its ability to deliver Windows desktops and applications to employees on any device – both users and IT get very excited. Why? Because they now can use – or allow – devices within the enterprise environment that previously had never been allowed because they were not on the “supported” list. It’s a Win-Win for employees and IT.

Today, Intel announced its 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processor Family, which offers IT departments a new platform to deliver a managed and secure client computing environment optimized for end user needs now and into the future. For desktop virtualization, and specifically XenDesktop, the benefits that devices built on these new platforms are substantial:

  1. XenDesktop + Intelligent Clients = mobility. XenClient is our client-side hypervisor that enables virtual desktops to run directly on client devices. It was created in collaboration with Intel to extend the benefits of desktop virtualization to laptop users for new levels of flexibility, security and control. Today, XenClient enables our customers to stream complete OS images to physical PCs. This allows IT to gain the control and cost advantages of centralized management while offering users the freedom to be mobile.
  2. XenDesktop + Intelligent Clients = rich user experience with great economics. With the HDX Adaptive Orchestration feature, XenDesktop allows users to leverage the most optimal resources to perform their tasks. If XenDesktop determines there is an Intelligent Client on the endpoint, it will offload the heavy processing to that client – otherwise, it will revert back to the server. While both scenarios deliver a great user experience, leveraging the endpoint has additional advantages. First, using a local, native graphics card delivers the PC experience that employees expect. Second, offloading heavy process, such as video, improves the economics of desktop virtualization. A recent study by Principal Technologies shows that servers can support 43% more virtual desktops when media is redirected to an Intelligent Client.
  3. XenDesktop + Intelligent Clients = security and manageability. XenDesktop provides the ultimate security to your corporate data and the best way to manage your desktop environment. But, how about the endpoint devices? Intel takes care of that with their vPro™ Processor Family. Devices with vPro are secured with anti-theft technology and hardware-assisted security features that help to quickly deploy security patches. In addition, vPro help IT managers more easily manage the health of business PCs through remote configuration, diagnosis, isolation, and repair of infected PCs – even if they are unresponsive.

As Gordon Payne, SVP and GM of Citrix’s Desktop Division said, Citrix and Intel are working together to make enterprise desktop and application delivery an intelligent system. Based on the information about the availability of local resources, network and data center capabilities, the system can now be able to make automated decisions instantly about where to run applications. We look forward to our continued work with Intel and hope that our customers enjoy the benefits of XenDesktop with the latest new Intel devices.