Today Intel officially launched their 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processors and we couldn’t be more excited. Our close relationship with Intel and our OEM partners Dell, HP, and Lenovo has meant we have been working on updating XenClient to take advantage of all the great new capabilities and performance the new platforms deliver for some time now. I’ve had hands on time with the systems, and the new levels of performance delivered by Intel are simply amazing as you can see for yourself below.

See a video demo of XenClient in action on a Lenovo T420 powered by a 2ndGen Core vPro processor.

XenClient’s bare metal architecture is designed not only to put as little code as possible between the VMs and the bare metal but it’s also optimized to offload as much as possible to the underlying Intel hardware. So all the great work Intel has put into their 2nd Generation Core vPro Processors gets used by XenClient and the performance gets passed right up to the Windows VMs running on top of it.

I wanted to highlight a few areas where Intel is delivering intelligent performance that directly benefits XenClient and VMs running on top of it:

Visual Performance

The latest generation of Intel HD video delivers stunning video performance. The 2ndGeneration Core vPro processors deliver 2x the performance of previous generation Intel Core processors. And for gaming in particular, Intel HD video delivers an experience 3.4x better than before. The direct graphics access architecture in XenClient powered by Intel VT-d technology means that all of this powerful graphics capability gets passed up directly to a Windows VM running on top of the system.

Faster Data Protection with Accelerated Encryption

XenClient has a powerful disk encryption system that allows full protection of sensitive data within a virtual machine when delivered from the Synchronizer for XenClient. XenClient already detects when it’s running on a 1st Generation Core i5 or i7 system and will automatically offload encryption and decryption operations to Intel AES-NI. With the 2nd Generation Intel Core vPro Processors, Intel has given AES-NI a big performance boost which translates into less overhead required to fully protect corporate data.

Smart Performance

 The 2nd Generation Intel Core vPro Processors are also delivering new capabilities that increase overall application performance and system responsiveness. The latest version of Intel Turbo-Boost Technology delivers a burst of speed automatically when it is required by the system. XenClient already uses Intel VT-x technology to efficiently virtualize CPU and memory operations which allows the increase in performance to go right to the virtual machines.

So congratulations to our close partner Intel for delivering another set of innovative capabilities in their 2nd Generation Intel Core vPro Processors. These new capabilities will allow XenClient to run multiple local isolated Windows virtual machines with even greater levels of performance while maintaining security and delivering new levels of visual performance. We will be delivering support for 2nd Generation Intel Core vPro Processors in our next major release of XenClient.